Friday is Coming

I’m going to pitch my first book to agents and editors soon.

My current efforts all lend themselves to the perfect proposal, catchy business cards, and a pristine first-fifteen-pages-of-a-novel, sure to lure each reader one deliberate word at a time. I have shopping lists for professional attire, travel-sized shampoo, and snacks that won’t allow my stomach to grumble at inopportune times. The Rocky Theme song plays as I gear up my introverted self to be around 400 people, only four of which know me by name.

This is it. This will be the biggest job interview of my life, handing over a piece of work that embodies me in a way nothing else ever has. It is vulnerable. It is exciting. It is faith at its core as I enter the Land of the Unknown, having no idea where I will be on the other side of this conference.

But I can’t help thinking … Friday is coming.

Regardless of any outcome at the conference, May 26th is waiting for me. Sunday through Thursday will be filled with highs and lows. I’ll network, make solid connections, meet new friends, take fabulous classes, wear a fun costume one night, and dress up for a fancy banquet another. Maybe an agent tells me my work is not for him. But possibly, one will tell me he wants to know more about my manuscript. I don’t know exactly how it’s all going to go down.

What I do know … is Friday is coming.

Friday, May 26th, I will land back in my world. People around me will need to be fed and clothed. A house will need to be cleaned. My sister has a birthday. But even more so. Regardless of the outcome of the previous days, Friday I will be left with myself.

As I strain and stretch to get my professional life in order for Sunday through Thursday, I also find myself straining and stretching to get my personal life in order for Friday. 

Because more important than Sunday through Thursday (and believe me, those feel ginormously important) …  

… Friday is coming.

So pardon me, while I push aside my pile of articles on presenting the perfect elevator pitch. Because right now, I need to draw near to my Creator. The One who gives me the words. I need to know Who I belong to. The One who has a perfect path for me. He knows what Monday through Thursday hold. And He also knows what He has in store for me on Friday.

Because right now, my little life feels like it’s about those five days. But the big life He has for me after the conference is so much more.


Are you tackling anything big in your life right now? I would love to hear about it.