Unwavering, Beautiful, Stumbling Focus

I must confess that I’m obsessed with this video.

I don’t know anything about this little boy.

But I know he inspires something deep in my soul.

Leaving his friends and family behind, this kid takes off to achieve one goal. His movements wobble. He falls on the ball. His speed vacillates from slow to moderately slow.

But his focus never wavers.

Fearlessly, he uses his little legs to take him exactly where he wants to go. He’s not scared of failing. He’s not deterred by a stumble. He’s not even aware of what others around him are doing.

Which is why the crowd’s role in this scene is so brilliant. The momentum of rumbling support is its own character in this story. The energy is palpable.

And when this small one finally kicks the ball over the goal line, the stadium erupts. In a moment of utter beauty, it finally occurs to the precious child that the cheering was for him. Every time I watch his chunky arms shoot to the air in victory, I swallow a lump and fight back the moisture in my eyes.

I want to reach into this video, grasp the pure courage, box it up, and allow it to seep into my efforts to achieve my goals.

What about you?

Is there something you’ve been wanting to try, but you’re afraid of failing?

That. That thing that came to your mind when you read the last line.

The instrument you want to play, the relationship you want to work on, the book you want to write, the closet you want to clean out, the mile you want to run, the small group you want to join, the degree you want to research, the conference you want to attend. The goal that is so embedded into your soul, it came to your mind immediately.

Hold onto that dream. Take the next step.

  • It’s okay to step away from family and friends' expectations to try something on your own.
  • It’s okay to be imperfect while you work on a new skill.
  • It’s okay to stumble.
  • It’s okay to go slow.

While you're working towards your goal, a crowd bigger than you can fathom forms. Only instead of being compiled of people, this crowd is composed of the Creator. The One who gave you those dreams to begin with. Because He believes in you. Because He is jumping up and down with every step you take toward using the gifts He gave you. Because His love for you is so much louder than a stadium full of crazed soccer fans.


Want to whisper a dream of yours to me? I’d love to hear from you.